Crime Fiction in Gdansk: Day Two

Conference Day Two as reported by K. A. Laity

K. A. Laity

2014-09-12 14.38.58-1

Day Two kicked off a bit later for which I blame the two Pauls, of course. I missed the keynote! And it was on college mystery novels, so I hope to read it in the proceedings in the future. Ditto for Fiona Peters’ presentation on Barbara Vine; and I need to get to work on the Highsmith paper I owe her (by the end of the month, yes, I know!).

The schedule got shuffled a little bit because of some last minute cancellations (grrr!) but I did make sure to catch the ‘Tartan Noir’ panel and was amused to hear the crows chiming in outside the window as Marta Crickmar talked about the translation of Iain Banks’ The Crow Road. Agnieszka read from her dissertation work on Ian Rankin. Although apologetic about the quality of her paper due to being tied up with conference duties, it was of course…

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One thought on “Crime Fiction in Gdansk: Day Two

  1. katelaity

    Good thing I resisted the urge to call these post “Gdansking Lessons” which I was temped to do, following in Vonnegut’s footsteps (“Unexpected travel suggestions are dancing lessons from God.”).



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